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Innovators in Artificial Intelligence

At relationalAI, we develop novel Artificial Intelligence technologies to solve complex business problems. Many of these problems do not lend themselves to consumer-oriented AI methods. Our technology exploits the rich interdependencies and structure inherent in every business to deliver results that are orders of magnitude better than traditional AI and machine learning.

World-class talent driving
AI innovation

At relationalAI, we have brought together a group of leading researchers, data scientists, computer scientists and software engineers with extensive experience applying novel AI technology to a wide range of complex problems in multiple industries.

Most of our core team members have PhDs, and several are former professors of engineering and computer science in areas ranging from machine learning and operations research to databases and programming languages.

We are also investing in fundamental research to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. To this end, beyond our own core team, we have established and fund an academic network spanning multiple leading universities in North America and Europe. Our team benefits from this unique combination of in-house expertise and active collaboration with the world’s foremost research institutions. This collaboration regularly yields award-winning publications at the most respected academic conferences and journals.

Team Impact

  • 1,956

    Papers with
    at least 1 citation

  • 90,379


  • 34,975

    Citations in
    last 5 years

  • 33


Surround yourself with
remarkable talent

At relationalAI, we are working on the cutting edge of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, building a team of exceptional people who inspire and support one another. We are always looking for smart people with intellectual curiosity, exceptional problem-solving skills, and a proven track record of delivering results.

To build a world-class team, we’ve gone around the world. Our colleagues call North America, Europe, and Asia home. To foster strong bonds that cross geographies, we bring our team together three to four times a year at interesting destinations around the globe, where we reinforce our personal connections, share our latest work, and have fun.

Our team is passionate about attracting and retaining individuals with exceptional talent and potential. We value the ability to learn, grow, and respond to an ever-changing landscape of challenges and opportunities as much as we value past experience.

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We thrive on meeting unique challenges with novel approaches to AI

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